The logistics of this adventure are crazy.

First, I need to pack for the week long drive with the boys to Washington D.C.. All that stuff has to go into something that I can easily carry in and out of hotel rooms. Next I need to pack most everything else I’ll need during my 5 or 6 months of training. Some stuff I’ll bring with me in the car. I’m trying to limit what comes with me in the car to 2 suitcases since that’s what I’ll be flying out with to our first post. The rest of the stuff will be shipped via air freight. I get 250 pounds shipped via air courtesy of my new employer but it won’t come until September-ish. 250 pounds sounds like a lot but I’m filling it up fast. I have more stuff than I realized. The next pile of stuff will be shipped via slow boat to our first post, where ever that may be. And then finally I need to make a pile of stuff that will go into long term storage. Erin will get the privilege of dealing with the last 2 piles when she moves out at the end of training.

Going through all my stuff has been an interesting exercise. I have questioned every thing that I own. I found out that I have a lot more clothes than I thought. This mirage of metrosexuality is caused by 2 things. First, I don’t grow out of my clothes like my kids do. And second I hate clothes shopping so much that I have not thrown away clothes that are clearly uncool or so I’ve been told by my 14 year-old daughter who knows everything. I have rid myself of some stuff but I’m sure more needs to be left behind.

So far I’ve been talking about my stuff. We also have to decide what to do with all of our stuff. Luckily we really don’t have much beyond furniture, house and vehicles. Most of the furniture will go into long term storage unless our first post is unfurnished then we get to ship a whole lot of stuff. The cars will most likely be sold. We can ship one car overseas.  So if we can, we will ship the Sequoia, but it’s old enough that it probably won’t be allowed into most countries. Selling my truck will be painful….

Our house pains me the most. It is a crappy time to sell a house. We would not get what we put into it. So it looks like we will keep the house and rent it. No one I know has good stories about renting. I will also have a hard time dealing with the inevitable damage caused by tenants who do not treat the house as their own. I have an emotional tie to this house and I don’t want it treated badly… even though we probably will never live in it again.

I like the idea of living without so much stuff. I’ve been frustrated at all the unused mystery items hiding in drawers and boxes. Was I really going to use the second half of that notebook from college? My tax returns from 1996 gave me quite a chuckle. I didn’t have much stuff back then. I didn’t have much of anything. Looks like I’m returning to 1996 style living. It’s a circle of life kind of thing.

Like I said, I like the idea of living without so much stuff.  We’ll see how I do when the idea is reality.

3 thoughts on “Logistics

  1. So when will your house be up for rent and how much will it be? 🙂 Want to let your poor niece and her husband rent it from you cheap?!

  2. The house won’t be available until after Erin moves out. We think that will be in December. Let me know if you are serious and we’ll see if we can work something out.

  3. Ok, so how applicable with it being Pioneer Day…they only got like 25 pounds so imagine that!! Too bad you do’nt know where you are going. You might not need those heavy coats you are packing once you hit your tropical location 🙂 Of course, you might not need anyshorts either. HA. Travel safe cuz.

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