An Open Letter to the Makers of the Mitsubishi TC-CE5J Clean & Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Dear Sirs and/or Madams:

Your Mitsubishi TC-CE5J Clean & Compact vacuum cleaner does not suck.  Now before you commence a round of high fives, be aware that a vacuum cleaner that does not suck is actually a bad thing.  Your vacuum came to us as standard issue to U.S. State Department homes in Taipei, Taiwan.  As such, we didn’t actually purchase the vacuum with our own money, and I know that beggars can’t be choosers.  But come on!  Your vacuum doesn’t suck dirt, it doesn’t suck lint, it doesn’t suck gigantic dead bug body parts (which, by the way, we get a lot of here in Taipei.)  Your vacuum just doesn’t suck!

Now a word of advice: you could take a lesson from the makers of the Dyson vacuum cleaners.  Now there’s a vacuum that sucks!  The suckage on a Dyson vacuum is incredible!  Not only can a Dyson vacuum suck dirt, lint and bug carcases, it can suck Lego’s, dirty socks and rodents.  That is some major suck!

So kudos to the Dyson vacuum company for your sucky vacuum cleaners.  And Mitsubishi, your vacuums could really use some suck.

Respectfully Yours,

Erin the Foreign Service Blogger

One thought on “An Open Letter to the Makers of the Mitsubishi TC-CE5J Clean & Compact Vacuum Cleaner

  1. How funny. I ran into your letter by googling Mitshubishi vacuum cleaners. Same as your family we used to live in Taipei because of my husband’s foreign service assignment. Was five years ago. We probably had the same vacuums cleaner, which I absolutely loved and remembered the brand because I was hoping to find the same model for my house after we leave Taiwan. Now that we decided we needed a new one, I started looking up in Internet by the brand name “Mitsubishi” as I could not find it in Amazon nor anywhere else in stores. My husband offered to buy me one of the cool “Dysons” believing them to be the Cadillac of the industry, however I said expensive does not mean the best and inexpensive ones can sometimes suprise you by being even better. I liked the Mitsubishi model in Taiwan because I thought it had good suction, light weight, very flexible brush head, which was also thin enough to get under the most narrow gaps under the furniture. I did not remember what model of Mitsubishi brand exactly we had (the letters and numbers), and now your letter helped me with that, I believe. Thanks! 🙂
    Cannot believe how different people may have absolutely opposit opinions about the same product. 🙂

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