Trail Mix M&M Thief Revealed!

Six days ago, I wrote the follow as my Facebook status: “Who’s been eating all of the M&M’s out of the trail mix!  Seriously!  Fess up!”  Well, tonight the trail mix M&M thief was revealed.

Noah, Elizabeth, our friend Reid and I had settled down to a viewing of the movie “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” when I was suddenly hit with a bad case of the munchies.  I went to the pantry and grabbed a handful of trail mix from the giant Costco bag.  (You know the one.)  Moments later I was back on the couch munching away when Elizabeth conveniently slipped out of the room.  A few minutes later, she returned to the couch with her own handful of trail mix, but sans peanuts, almonds, cashews or raisins.  Yes, she was eating a giant handful of nothing but trail mix M&M’s.

Well at this point all my deductive reasoning kicked in and I realized that I had my thief sitting right next to me, caught red-handed (or should I say M&M handed?)!  And although I knew it was completely unsanitary, I pried the stolen M&M’s from her grubby little hands, and even though they were slightly damp from who-know what, I put them back into the giant Costco trail mix bag.  (This is something I would never do to my boys.  I would never put back any food they had touched for the mere fact that they spend a good amount of their day with their hands down their pants.)

So the Great Disappearing Trail Mix M&M Mystery has been revealed.  And even though the thief had those big blue eyes, and that cute little face, and could probably use the calories to put a little meat on her skinny little legs, it was dastardly nonetheless!

Lastly, I will not have my home overrun by a den of chocolate thieves (unless, of course, it’s me, stealing from my kids Halloween candy.)

3 thoughts on “Trail Mix M&M Thief Revealed!

    1. The expat community does Halloween. This will be our first Halloween here, so we’ll see how it goes. Our neighborhood is all American and one neighbor said that last year she gave out over 700 pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters because people come to our neighborhood from all over the city. We’ll see. It should be interesting.

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