My Glamour Girl

My 7 year-old is a major diva.  I don’t know where she gets it.  Whenever she sees a camera, she immediately strikes a pose.  Here are a couple of examples:









Can you tell which picture was taken by a professional photographer (i.e. my sister-in-law Julie; and which one was taken by a slightly less than professional photographer (i.e. me)?

Expat child modeling is a big thing here in Taiwan, and given Elizabeth’s propensity for posing, we’ve recently discovered that she’s actually pretty good at it.









(Yes, the shoes she’s wearing in the photo on the right are about eight sizes too big for her.)

But not only is she a big poser, but she’s also majorly into accessorizing.  She’s always putting on jewelry, painting her nails, putting little froo-froo’s in her hair.  But the worst part is that she has recently started sneaking accessories to school in her backpack; accessories that she knows I would never in a million years allow her to wear to school.  Hence the sneakery.

At Back-to-school Night, her teacher showed a bunch of pictures from the first weeks of school on a big screen in the classroom.  In every picture, regardless of the day or what she was wearing, Elizabeth had on some dorky gold and maroon striped removable sleeves.  They are kind of like socks for your arms, and they don’t match a single thing she owns.  I was mortified!

But what happened today takes the cake!  I was at the school and I realized it was about Elizabeth’s lunch time.  So I went into the cafeteria to wait for her so I could say hi.  When she walked into the lunchroom, over her clothes she was wearing (you’re never going to believe this) HER BATHROBE!  Now granted, it wasn’t a fuzzy, fleece American-style bathrobe.  Instead, it was a silky Asian-style bathrobe–but nevertheless, it was her bathrobe!  And she had been wearing it at school for half of the day.  I can just imagine her, the second she walked out of our yard on her way to the bus-stop, pulling it out of her backpack and proudly putting it on.

Needless to say, when she saw me she knew she was in trouble.  So she immediately grabbed her friend Amaranda, and using her as a human shield, started madly trying to disrobe.  The problem is that the frog button closures are not the easiest to undo, making it hard to take the thing off.  So by the time I walked over to her, she didn’t even have the top button undone.  When she saw me standing over her, she instinctively crouched down, hoping that the smaller she made herself the less I would see of her attire.

But saw it, I did.  And lets just say, I will be checking her backpack a little more carefully before she leaves for school from now on.

2 thoughts on “My Glamour Girl

  1. Loved your story but we couldn’t see the photos of your daughter. But I did go in and look at Julie’s portraits. She is fantastic! If I had a big, decent camera I would take lessons. I’m just never anxious to carry a big hunk of a camera everywhere in case there was a good shot. I guess she plans her photos out and prepares by taking the camera.

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