I have much to be grateful for on this Thanksgiving day.  First off, I’m grateful for my mother’s turkey roasting pan that she let me take overseas and that I get to use to cook my first ever Thanksgiving turkey.  When I packed it a year ago, I had no idea how precious it would be to me.  To pull it out today makes me miss and appreciate my mom.

I’m grateful for the internet.  It allows me to stay in contact with my loved-ones back home and stay current on events of my home state.  And these past few weeks, I am particularly grateful for YouTube and the many videos I’ve watched on how to cook Thanksgiving food.  (My guests for this evening’s dinner are also inadvertently grateful for YouTube.)

I’m grateful for Costco and Wellmans (the little American importing store) which have provided the bulk of our food today.  I’m grateful that they carry ingredients for Thanksgiving so that the American expat community can enjoy our little American holiday today.

I’m grateful, more than ever, to be an American citizens.  I have had it reinforced to me this past year what a privilege it is to be an American.  I love my country.  But I’m also grateful for my current adopted country of Taiwan.  It’s such a lovely, peaceful nation.  The Chinese people of Taiwan are a kind and gracious people.  I’m falling in love with their customs and language.  I’m so glad that I get to spend a small part of my life here.

I’m grateful for my kids.  They are strong and they are survivors.  They have grown exponentially this past year and I am awed by their courage.

I’m grateful for a wonderful husband, whom I love dearly.  I’m grateful for his hard work that allows me to stay home.  I’m grateful for the love that he shows me.  He treats me better than I deserve.  I’m grateful that our’s is an eternal family.

I am grateful for the virtue of hope.  It has sustained me.

I’m grateful for my religion.  I’m grateful to have a temple nearby.  I’m grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life the gives me guidance and sends peace to my heart.  I’m grateful for the atonement of my Savior that makes it possible for me to repent and do better.  I’m grateful for a loving Father in Heaven.

I’m very blessed.

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