4 thoughts on “Spring Break Thailand 2012

  1. Loved it 🙂 Are you going to do a post about where it was you went and stayed, etc? We’ve been looking at a trip to Thailand that is child-centered with fun activities and I’d love to hear what your itinerary and locations looked like.

    1. I’m not planning a follow up post about the logistics of our trip, but I can give you a quick summary.

      Our trip lasted about 12 days.

      Day 1-2: Wife and kids toured Bangkok while I finished training. They saw the grand palace and the reclining Buddha. My wife liked it and the kids thought it was OK. Bangkok is not that great.
      Day 3-5: Drove to Kanchanaburi and stayed at the Oriental Kwai Resort (http://www.orientalkwai.com/). This place was great. From here we went to see the tigers (http://www.tigertemplethailand.com/) and the elephants (http://www.elephantsworld.org). The drive from Bangkok is rather long– 3.4 to 4 hours.
      Day 6-12: Krabi. Specifically, we stayed on Railay Beach. I can’t recommend our hotel (Railay Bay Beach Resort) but I can recommend the location. We did a day trip to Hong Island and a trip to Bor Thor. Both were really fun. The rest of the time was spent on the beach around Railay.

      Good Luck.

  2. You’re definitely not in Utah anymore, man! Livin’ the dream! I see Ben is donning a swimsuit – that little crisis worked out too I guess! 🙂 Looks like a great time – so happy for you guys!

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