A Rather Pathetic Conversation

This weekend, Noah (age 12) and I found ourselves walking through a night market, just the two of us.  I just have to quickly say that some of the nastiest food known to mankind as well as the most horrific smells can be found at Chinese night markets.  Nevertheless, I LOVE walking through them.  But I digress.

So, Noah and I were walking through the night market, just the two of us and the conversation went something like this:

Noah:  Mom, if it means that we aren’t going to get any presents, I don’t want to go to Indonesia for Christmas.

Me:  Noah, can you tell me one thing you got for Christmas last year?

Noah:  Nope

Me:  Can you tell me anything that we did when we went to Cambodia for Chinese New Year last year?

Noah:  We played paint ball and went to Angkor Watt. (After thinking about it for a minute.) I think I got a New England Patriots hat for Christmas.

Me:  And you can’t remember anything else you got?

Noah:  Nope.

Me:  And do you know where that New England Patriots hat is?

Noah:  Nope.  But I would give up presents for four birthdays and four Christmases if we could move back to Utah.

Me:  That’s just pathetic!  Here, do you want me to buy you some of these chicken feet to snack on?

Noah:  Uh, no.

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