Elections and Amniotic Fluid


So, the election is over, and my guy didn’t win.  As a result, I was a bit pouty.  But then I remembered this election story from my family’s past and it perked me right back up again.

In 1961, (long before I was born) my very pregnant mother woke up on election day and found that her water had broken.  However, she was not about to let child-birth stop her from doing her duty as an American citizen.  So on the way to the hospital, and with a towel between her legs, she went to the courthouse and voted.  Luckily, my dad was serving as a judge at that same courthouse and knew a couple of people who led my mother to the front of the line, towel and all.  On that day, my mother did her civic duty and then gave birth to my sister Geralyn.  Not sure what happened to the towel.

Geralyn, the election day baby








Ironically, Geralyn was not my mother’s only election day birth.  My oldest sister was also born on election day, 1956.

Stephanie, the other election day baby.

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