Do All White People Look Alike?

So, I’m wondering, do all white people look alike?  I ask this, because I have been mistaken for various caucasian women on a number of occasions since moving to Taiwan.

Twice now, Asian people have confused me for my friend Matina.  Although we are about the same height, Matina is about 10 years younger, much thinner and a lot cuter than me.  Her hair is darker and shorter.  And, if I have to be honest, though it pains me to say it, I’m a lot frumpier than Matina.

Also, on two different occasions, teachers at my kids school have confused me for my friend Brandie–also younger and cuter than me.

And it’s not just younger women.  I had a male teacher at the school recently confuse me for another female teacher–a collegue of his nonetheless.  And this female teacher is older than me.  And blonder.

I’ve heard Asians say that all white people have big noses.  Do all of our big noses blend together so that the rest of our features go unnoticed?  And white people are always accused of being fat.  (Maybe not all white people, but certainly Americans.)  After living in Asia for two years, I have to agree with that one.  Americans are fat.  And my husband and I both agree that, as a whole, Asians are better looking than westerners.  The term “Ugly American” isn’t just the title of a book.

So I ask, are white people, (or maybe I should limit it to Americans) just a bunch of big nosed, fat, ugly people who all look alike?

6 thoughts on “Do All White People Look Alike?

  1. It’s interesting how we all look alike or different to someone. There are some races that I also think all look alike. As for Americans, I agree that we are too fat. But as for my nose, I was always told I had a button nose and I’d better never get in the shower or I would drown!

  2. Haha! I think it is initially hard to distinguish between facial features that we are not used to. I know when I was in the Peace Corps, all of my students looked the same to me until I reached the point where I could see them as individuals and not just a classroom full of dark-haired ponytails.

    The LE staff at our consulate has the hardest time telling my husband apart from another tall, blonde officer. The other guy has quite a few pounds on my husband, but tall, blonde (and probably big noses) make them one and the same.

    I’d just take the compliment of someone thinking I looked ten years young and ten pounds lighter and go with it! 🙂

  3. Actually, I had this problem on an R&R back home one year. I walked into a casino in OK where my sister in law and I were supposed to meet my husband and brother in law for dinner. I looked around at the crowd and could not for the life of me pick out the right white boys. I guess after living in Asia and Africa for so long, where it was pretty easy to pick out my guy in the crowd, all those white boys in the casino just blended into one, lol.

  4. I had a Chinese neighbour who is a good friend and we were discussing racial terms and he confirmed the racial name Asians have for whites is Big Nose. We both had a good laugh.

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