Evil Everywhere

I know I like to brag a lot about how safe Taiwan is.  But this week, in broad daylight, a crazy man stabbed a parent as she was walking her children in front of the Taipei Japanese School.  The Japanese school happens to be directly across the street from the American school my kids attend.  The mother was a random target.  I’m pleased to report that her wound was not life-threatening, but she’ll carry the physical and emotional scars of her attack for the rest of her life.  Her children that witnessed the attack will undoubtedly carry emotional scars as well.  Thankfully her attacker was immediately apprehended and is now in custody.

I share this on my blog, because I know that there are evil people everywhere.  Unfortunately, no society is free of them.  But as horrific as this incident was, I can’t imagine what would have resulted if that evil man had had access to the same legally-purchased gun that was used in the Connecticut massacre.  The outcome would have been much different.

So on this day, I want to thank the Taiwanese legislators who enacted tough gun control laws.  You very well may have saved the lives of an untold number of innocent victims, including my own children.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Evil Everywhere

  1. It appears Taiwan needs much more stringent knife control laws. Perhaps an all-out ban on ANY knife other than a plastic butter knife. In fact, perhaps ban all utensils but chopsticks. Oh, wait…

    Erin, you know I love you more than the sky. But Sista, PLEASE!!!!!!

    Come back to your conservative roots, I’m begging you!!!

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