Passport Photos

You may not know this, but the U.S. government (and quite a few other governments around the world) don’t consider Taiwan a real country.  The U.S. doesn’t have a real embassy here.  Instead, we have a fake embassy that we call the American Institute in Taiwan.  As a result, diplomats (or I should say “fake diplomats”) don’t have diplomatic passports.  We have regular blue passports with special visas.  However, the U.S. government considers Jordan a real country, so before we go there we need to get real diplomatic passports.  So Jason has been working on that at the fake embassy.

It has been almost three years since our kids had their last passport photos taken, so we decided they needed new ones.  Passport photos, like driver’s license photos, usually aren’t that great.  Here is how our kids’ pictures turned out:

Kid #4:

PassportPhotoSheet{Not the greatest.  She’s actually a lot cuter than that, but it will do.}

Kid #3:

PassportPhotoSheet-3{Again, not the greatest, but whatever.  We’ll take it.}

Kid #2:

PassportPhotoSheet-4{What the …?  Seriously!}

Kid #1:

PassportPhotoSheet-5{That’s it!  I give up!}



4 thoughts on “Passport Photos

  1. I think you need to try again. since you can’t smile in Passport photos and you need open eyes. Better luck next time. Kid #1 turned out the best. 🙂

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