One Heck of a Product

Yesterday my heart stopped beating for a few seconds.  I was in the midst of doing my weekly hundred loads of laundry.  I was moving a load from the washer into the dryer when I saw (it was so horrible!) my daughter’s iPod lying, face down, at the bottom of the washer. NOOOO!

You see, we have this little family rule.  It goes like this:  Mom and Dad aren’t going to give you an iPod.  If you want an iPod, you gotta buy it yourself.

When Cecily was 11, she saved up $250 and bought herself the (then) top of the line video iPod.  It took her months to save that much money.  And it was a super cool iPod.  She could listen to music AND watch movies!  Nothing could ever be cooler than that.

Or so we thought.

Then a few years later, Apple came out with the iPod touch.  Whaaaaaa!  It was so cool!!!  Cecily had to have one.  So she sold her video iPod to some outdated college student, saved some more money, and bought herself an iPod touch.

And then yesterday, that iPod touch went through the wash.

But here’s the amazing part:  After I fished the iPod out of the washing machine, I put it in a bag of rice.  Then last night, Cecily took it from the rice and (miracle of miracles) THE THING TURNED ON!!!!!

Steve Jobs (may you rest in peace), you Rock the Casbah!

BTW, Noah (age 13) just bought his first iPod (the latest and greatest iPod touch) last month.  Now he thinks he’s all that.  He listens to it with his rad Beats headphones (purchased from a street vendor in Hong Kong 4 months ago, and now held together with tape).  Ben (almost 15) is still carrying around an iPod that years ago Jason’s former company gave out free as a spiff.  There were boxes of them lying around the company.  Even though it was free to us, Jason made Ben pay him $40 for it, because like I said before, we don’t give our kids iPods.

We’re so mean.


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