Here is the latest picture of my oldest child:

cecily grad


Not to brag, but … ok, to brag:  Cecily has it all.  She’s beautiful (reference above pic),  she’s tall (5’11”), she’s smart (currently enrolled in 3 AP classes: calculus, biology and psychology), she’s a starter on the varsity basketball team, she’s a great photographer and she loves to travel and has an adventurous spirit.  And, she’s about to graduate from high school, taking her one step closer to becoming a contributing member of society.

BUT … she’s quirky.  Here’s proof:

She refuses to let me get rid of this shirt.



Yes, this is indeed, her 6th grade graduation tee-shirt.  And though, I agree, graduating from 6th grade was an enormous accomplishment, definitely worthy of a commemoration tee-shirt; there comes a time when a girl really needs to unload rubbish like this.  Especially when that girl has been shipping it around the world as part of our family’s precious weight allowance.


Seriously child!  Throw out the tee-shirt already!

More proof that my daughter is quirky.  I picked her up from school a bit early today.  Her plan was to come home and study for tomorrow’s psychology final.  Instead of studying, she toyed around on her cell phone for a while, followed by this exchange:

Cecily: “Hey Mom, did you see the hideous dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Golden Globes last night?”

Me: “Nope.”  

(Have I mentioned we live in Jordan?  Not a lot of Golden Globe coverage here.)

Cecily: “Here, have a look.”

Source: hollywoodlife.com
Source: hollywoodlife.com


Still Cecily: “I think this cat wore it better.”

Source: Huffington Post
Source: Huffington Post


But really, quirky isn’t all bad.  In fact, most of my favorite people are incredibly quirky.  Quirky people are fun to be around.  Quirky people make me smile. Quirky people are lovable.

This would include Cecily’s little sister Elizabeth, who came home from school looking like this:

photo copy 2


Yes, Elizabeth thought the back of her hands would make perfect Tic-Tac-Toe boards.


And don’t get me started on the boys …

5 thoughts on “Quirky

  1. What a wonderful graduation photo, but don’t beat the boys to bad when you play Basketball with them. It could intimidate them so much you could be 38 and stillsingle. Love you all, Uncle boyd.

  2. It’s good to see you, Erin. I don’t see you very often; don’t know if you’ve changed your way of communicating. Maybe it’s me. Would love to hear more about your life. Congratulations on your beautiful family. Hope your life is good. We miss you in Cedar Hills. Donna

  3. Dear Erin,   Thank you very much for the older dougther picture is really beautyfull and pure girl photo !!    In Chrsit Love, Grace Chan Taipei Mobile: +886-920 500 156  


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