You are never too old to come to Jordan

In December my mother-in-law came to live with us for about 2 months.  For some people this may invoke the desire to move to Syria, civil war and all, but not me.  Luckily, I have a great mother-in-law.

She didn’t want to do much sightseeing while she was in Jordan, but we did manage to take her to see some of the main highlights.  I made a little video about going to some of the sites.

My favorite part was getting her to ride a camel in Petra.  I kept asking her if she wanted to ride a camel or donkey because you actually have to walk pretty far if you want to see most of the sites.  She replied that she could live a happy life without having ridden a camel.  That may be true, but if you get a chance to ride a camel–in Petra–you should take it.

Petra is an out-and-back hike.  You hike downhill one way.  Then you have to turn around and hike back the way you came.  My mother-in-law and I had walked about 2 kilometers down into Petra.   Then came time to hike back out.  Honestly, I was a little worried about her walking another 2 kilometers.  She is 81 afterall.  So I told her she had no choice.  She had to ride a camel or an ambulance.  She chose the camel and had a great time.  I hope you can tell how much fun she had in the video.

2 thoughts on “You are never too old to come to Jordan

  1. Just had visit from my in-laws who are in the 60’s and didn’t want to drive more than 15 minutes or walk more than 30. I am very impressed – and happy to see there’s another option!

  2. I just found your blog through a military friend on FB….I smiled the whole time watching this video! It reminded me of my Aunt when she came to visit us when we lived in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing this adventure!

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