Leaving One Behind

We have spent a long summer in the US, and tomorrow we return to our home in Amman.  Though I’m looking forward to returning to our lives abroad, I do so with a very heavy heart.  This is a time that I have dreaded for the four years since we joined the State Department.  Tomorrow I have to leave one of my own behind.  Tomorrow Sixabroad will be reduced to Fiveabroad.

I’m thrilled that my oldest child will soon start college.  She’s a girl who is very familiar with change and has coped with it splendidly.  In my opinion, college is the most fun time of life.  I know that she will flourish in that environment.  And I know that she is ready for this new adventure in life.  I’m so happy for her, but I’m so sad for myself.  

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take my daughter to college.  Instead, I will entrust that task to my sisters.  They’ll drive her to college, take her shopping for some food for her dorm fridge and give her that final parental hug at the curb.  I’m so grateful to my sisters for taking on this responsibility for me, but it breaks my heart that I won’t be there to do it myself.  I know that lots of Foreign Service parents have had to do the same.  

So tomorrow, I’ll push my little bird out of the nest.  I know that she’ll spread her wings strong and wide and take glorious flight.  And in the meantime, I’ll stay in the nest and hope to catch occasional glimpses of her soaring into adulthood.  I’ll try to be brave.  I know that she is well-prepared and ready.  And I know that she’ll do well.

You got this Cecily!

2 thoughts on “Leaving One Behind

  1. Sort of know how you’re feeling… Taking my oldest all the way to college Hawaii from DC. Far away, but still not quite the same as you. Crazy mixed emotions just like you! Best wishes with it all!

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