Three Things I Did This Week

1.  Cooked and cooked and cooked some more; followed by gorging and giving thanks with these fine people:


And these slightly smaller, yet equally fine people:


2.  Spent a couple of days pretending to be the Queen of Sheba at the Marriott Dead Sea Spa and Resort:

I know, wrong body of water.
I know, wrong body of water.

With this hottie footing the bill:


3.  Spent an evening singing Christmas carols with these adorable orphans at the St. Vincent DePaul orphanage.  Got to speak Italian with the sweet nuns who run the place.


I’m convinced that this little beauty is going to grow up to be the next Cindy Crawford:


Some weeks are just really, really good!

One thought on “Three Things I Did This Week

  1. Dear Erin , Great & Thank you !

    Sent me the beautyfull photo I never sew it !!

    I really appreciated your help my spirit because I’m encounter the local yunger girls chines roomat make dirty house, every day i through away gabagge and Iclean the kitchen and bathroom.

    Would you please help me to pray looking for the china office job I have been sent my resume to some of company but no answer I think may be I’m over 50 years old lady , too old some of company do not choice me !! I really feel said and do not have “Hope ” in my ife !!

    in Chrsit Love, Grace Chan

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