Feeling of Accomplishment

The worst part of living abroad, without question, is applying to international schools.  I hate it!  Hate it!  Hate it!  Hate it!

Here are three things I would rather do than international school applications:

1.  Brush my teeth in hot water for a month.

2.  Sleep with kittens licking my face all night.

3.  Trip and fall, face first, into my own bowl of lentil soup in the embassy restaurant during the lunch-hour rush.

Nevertheless, I just sent in: 3 student information forms, 6 report cards from the school in Amman, 3 report cards from the school in Taipei, 3 teacher reports, 3 parent input forms, copies of 3 passports, 3 immunization records (from birth), 1 parent information form and 1 contract for enrollment. That totals 26 documents–some with as many as 5 pages.  My writing hand is cramped, my eyes are bleary and there is smoke coming from my scanner.  But I did it!  The documents are, at this very moment, recovering from jet-lag from their long 3 second journey from my iMac in Amman to some school administrator’s inbox in Johannesburg.

After hitting the send button, I raised my arms in the air, threw my head back and yelled, “Yes!  I did it!”  One more international school application process is in the history books!


4 thoughts on “Feeling of Accomplishment

  1. I have to do this and am dreading it and that is just for one! I keep saying that I can delay because ‘southern hemisphere school schedule’, busy week, dealing with documents from a school switch mid post, dog needs walking, dirty windows (just kidding on that one). But I do now feel inspired that if you can do it for three kids, I will be able to rise to the challenge of my one. Victory to us both!

  2. Erin, avoiding dishes and Valentines boxes I was trolling FB and found your blog. Just wanted you to know that my parents Phil & Barbara Hale are on a mission in Johannesburg So. Africa right now. They are Family History missionaries in the temple complex. They love the saints there. Maybe you will run into them! Fun to see you and your fun life! Love, Sarah Hale Cresap

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