Prom: Boy’s Turn

A year ago, I wrote a blog post on my daughter’s prom.  If you want a refresher, here you go.  But this year I’m the mom of a boy attending prom, which is a different animal.  There is a whole different focus when you’re the parent of a boy going to prom.  Here is how things went down:

When our 17 year-old Ben was leaving for a school trip to Vietnam a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that there were a bunch of cute girls going on his trip.  This was probably a mistake on his part, because we told him to make sure he came back from Vietnam with a prom date.  I’m guessing that this was the first time a parent has ever made that particular request.  Goes to show, there’s a first time for everything.

Well, Ben came back from Vietnam having failed in the prom date quest (I’m pretty sure he didn’t even try.)  But within two days of his return, he had a prom date (success!!!)  At first I thought it was crazy that he asked a girl just three days before prom, but I’ve come to learn that that is precisely how it is done at our kids’ school.  Pretty much all of the asking takes place a day or two before the dance.  And there are no fancy “Promposals” like they do back in the US.  Instead, a guy just walks up to a girl and ask her if she will to go to prom with him.  It’s short, sweet and simple–just as it should be.

So Ben asked the beautiful and very popular Zeyna to prom.  Apparently, her response was, “You awkward squirrel!  Yes, I’ll go to prom with you!!”  I knew there was something I liked about Zeyna!

So on Thursday night, Ben gussied himself up for his big date.

Getting all gussied up.

Zeyna’s parents invited a bunch of the kids and their parents over to their house before the dance for pictures.

The lovely girls.
The lovely girls.
The handsome boys.
The handsome boys.
Ben and the beautiful Zeyna. (She's right about the awkward squirrel thing.)
Ben and the beautiful Zeyna. (She’s right about the awkward squirrel thing.)
Ben doing the obligatory
Speaking of awkward, Ben doing the obligatory “asking the father when he should have his daughter home” talk.

But then, to all of our surprise and delight, Ben came home from the evening with this little memento:

I ask you, would an awkward squirrel ever be awarded one of these?
I ask you, would an awkward squirrel ever be awarded one of these?

3 thoughts on “Prom: Boy’s Turn

  1. We survived and enjoyed our daughter’s prom adventures. Our son has a couple years to go and I already know it will be a whole different experience — Ben looks very handsome & congrats on Prom Prince!

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