She Got Bit!

My daughter Cecily has a strange problem.  Wild animals like to bite her.

Right after this picture was taken in Bali, the monkey bit her:


In Borneo, this orangutan bit her:


We even got it on video.  Check it out here.

The best part of the orangutan bite was when our guide pulled out a little, brown bottle from his fanny-pack.  Then, with his dirty finger, he wiped iodine on the bleeding bite wound, thereupon proclaiming, “She’ll be fine!”

And she was.

Then today, at the Lion Park in Johannesburg, this little guy bit her on the thigh right after the picture was taken:


Like I said–wild animals like to bite her.

A few years ago, after seeing this photo from the Tiger Temple in Thailand, Cecily asked me why I was using her and Elizabeth as human shields from the tiger:


I told her that I thought the tiger would prefer her and Elizabeth’s young and tender meat to my old and gristly meat.  I was just looking out for the best interests of the tiger because I’m thoughtful like that.

She didn’t buy it.

But now we have proof that over and over, wild animals like her young and tender flesh, because, truth be told, I haven’t been bitten once.

Sometimes it pays to be old and gristly.

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