Turning 18 and Taking Flight

Tomorrow, this little puppy turns 18.


We’ll do all the normal birthday things.


We’ll have a big birthday meal …


Sing Happy Birthday …


Eat some cake …


But then, as the sun is setting on his 18th birthday, he’ll board an airplane to Germany.


He’ll arrive at Ramstein Air Base Monday morning, where he’ll take the ASVAB, go through a physical exam, and before the week is up, enlist in the United States Air Force.


He’ll fly back to South Africa on Saturday.  Later this month he’ll graduate from high school and then spend the next few months working at the Embassy.  He’ll probably start basic training in late summer or early fall.

So for now, I’ll have a few more months before this son of mine becomes a soldier.  I’m so proud of him and his decision to serve his country.  But I’m going to miss this little boy of mine.


Happy Birthday Ben!!  I love you!

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