A True Story; Not a Horse Tale

This really did happen to me today.  I didn’t make it up; my mind is not this creative.

Today I went to a pharmacy in Pretoria.  It was a pharmacy called DisChem which is similar to a Walgreens in the U.S.  It’s basically a big store with lots of products that just happens to have a pharmacy at one end.

I was in DisChem looking for travel-size toiletries for my son Ben; who, by the way, starts Air Force Basic Training next week.  (Expect a sobbing mother entry early next week.)  So, I asked a worker where to find the travel-sized toiletries whereupon I was directed to Aisle 8.  Aisle 8 had a small section of everything from tiny vaseline to travel-sized toothpaste to miniature bottles of polish remover.

The one thing they didn’t have was shampoo; or maybe I should clarify, they didn’t have human shampoo.  Instead, they had 90ml (3 oz) size bottles of horse shampoo.  You read that right, horse shampoo.  Remember, this was a human pharmacy, not a veterinary supply store.  Besides the horse shampoo, there were no other animal related products in the travel-size toiletries section.  There was also no human shampoo.

I then waved down a worker and the following conversation ensued:

Me (holding up a bottle of the horse shampoo):  Is this really for horses?

Worker (after inspecting the bottle):  Yes, I believe so.

Me:  Um … do you have any human miniature shampoo?

Worker (after looking around the travel-size toiletries section):  It doesn’t appear so.  But this is also really good for humans.  It will prevent your hair from falling out and give you a glossy coat.

Me (while giving the worker my squinty-eyed perplexed look): Really?!  People really use this?

Worker:  Yes, but you have to mix it with human shampoo.

Whereupon, I put back the few miniature products I had collected and walked out of the DisChem.

Too bad Ben isn’t going into the Cavalry.

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