This past week was my birthday.  I turned 48.  This birthday has a particular significance for me.  I got married when I was 24 years-old; so 48 means that I have been married for half of my life.


Half of my life has been spent with this man.  This very, very good man.  This man whom I adore and cherish and whom I know adores and cherishes me.  Half of my life which has included university, purchasing homes, job changes, four countries, and building a life together.  Our life together has been both conventional and unconventional in many aspects.  At times we agree and at times we agree to disagree.  But I believe that we have lasted for 24 years because of the fundamental respect we have for one another.

Of course, our greatest accomplishment together has been the creation of these four souls.


They provide us with our greatest sense of joy, worry, pride and wonder; and many, many sleepless nights.  I wouldn’t change our Sixabroad family for anything in the world.


But mostly, I wouldn’t change my life with this man.  With him, I get to live my dream life.  He continually makes me laugh, he continually keeps me safe, and he continually makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Our life together has been a very happy adventure.


I love you Jason Hale!


5 thoughts on “Forty-eight

  1. Happy 48th and congratulations on your treaty-four years together. May you have many more birthdays and years together as a couple and as a family.

  2. Erin, a very beautiful picture of both of you. Your adventurous life has been a wonderful experience to live through your pointed, funny, and thought provoking blogs. Keep them coming!

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