Our Next Home!

We just received official word of where we are going next and we are thrilled! Before we reveal our next post, let’s review where we have been:

Taipei, Taiwan 2010-2013


Amman, Jordan 2013-2015


Pretoria, South Africa 2015-2018
Istanbul, Turkey 2018-2020


And now, we are excited to announce that our next home will be:

Bern, Switzerland 2020-2023

Bern: the capitol of Switzerland!!! Famous for bears, Alps, Toblerone, fondue, and as the one-time home of Albert Einstein. And because Ellie doesn’t get to do enough fun stuff already, her international school in Bern enjoys Friday Ski Days! (It’s about time this Utah kid finally learns to ski.)

We recommend you all start saving your pennies to come visit us, pronto!

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