Three Things I Did This Week

1.  Cooked and cooked and cooked some more; followed by gorging and giving thanks with these fine people: And these slightly smaller, yet equally fine people: 2.  Spent a couple of days pretending to be the Queen of Sheba at the Marriott Dead Sea Spa and Resort: With this hottie footing the bill: 3.  SpentContinue reading “Three Things I Did This Week”

Where in the World?

It’s official!  This morning, Jason received a handshake for our next post.  When we started the bidding process months ago, our possibilities looked like this: But slowly the possibilities shrunk down, and now we have a winner!  So, to review: We started here. Now we’re here. And next we’re headed here. Pretoria, South Africa.  TheContinue reading “Where in the World?”