Youngest Child

Here is a sure sign of a parent at the tale-end of raising her last child: Today is Picture Day at Ellie’s school. Last night we had this conversation: Ellie: What should I wear for school pictures? Me: I don’t care. Wear whatever you want. Ellie leaves the room and comes back 20 seconds laterContinue reading “Youngest Child”

Tulips: Not as Dutch as You Might Think

It’s a cold and drizzly day today in Istanbul. But notwithstanding the chill in the air, the tulips at Emirgan Park are breathtaking. I get to walk past these beauties every day on my morning walk. Did you know that tulips are not originally Dutch? The Dutch took them to Holland in the 16th centuryContinue reading “Tulips: Not as Dutch as You Might Think”

Best Holiday Quotes 2018

We had a wonderful holiday vacation. Two of our three adult kids came home to Istanbul. Sadly, our soldier son wasn’t able to come home. We missed him dearly. The other five of our Six Abroad family enjoyed site seeing around Istanbul and southwestern Turkey. Here are a few of the highlights: Another highlight wasContinue reading “Best Holiday Quotes 2018”