Tomorrow Is the Day! Care to Guess Where We’re Going Next?

It’s hard to believe that it’s already bidding time. Actually, bidding has been going on for months but tomorrow the State Department will finalize the latest round. So, care to guess where we’re going next? Here are a few clues: Small Cold Bears I know, it sounds like Salt Lake City. But if that wereContinue reading “Tomorrow Is the Day! Care to Guess Where We’re Going Next?”

Tulips: Not as Dutch as You Might Think

It’s a cold and drizzly day today in Istanbul. But notwithstanding the chill in the air, the tulips at Emirgan Park are breathtaking. I get to walk past these beauties every day on my morning walk. Did you know that tulips are not originally Dutch? The Dutch took them to Holland in the 16th centuryContinue reading “Tulips: Not as Dutch as You Might Think”