The Same, But Different

So far life in the foreign service is very similar to life back in the U.S..  We do all the same things we used to do.  Only now each task or event is more… complicated.  We’ve done quiet a few things recently that, on the surface, seem routine but doing them is new and challenging.Continue reading “The Same, But Different”

The Object of a Point and Laugh

Yes, today I was the object of a classic Point and Laugh. Our children attend the Taipei American School.  TAS is considered one of the most prestigious international schools in the world.  Ironically, over 90% of the 2000 or so students at TAS are Taiwanese.  The Taiwanese, like most Asians, place a heavy emphasis onContinue reading “The Object of a Point and Laugh”

Christmas, Sunday School and Pinching Myself

Our first major holiday in Taipei has come and gone.  We weren’t sure it would actually come, but grateful it did.  Our air shipment miraculously arrived on December 23rd, just in time to put up the tree, a few decorations and wrap the presents that Santa (using the magic that only Santa can use) addedContinue reading “Christmas, Sunday School and Pinching Myself”

A Tribute to my State and Community

Yesterday, an unexpected, but inevitable thing happened to me.  For the first time since we started this Foreign Service process I actually teared up.  I ran into an old friend of mine named George Durrant.  We talked for a few minutes about our move.  He asked when we were leaving and I said in justContinue reading “A Tribute to my State and Community”

Soliciting Advice from Foreign Service Parents

Dear Foreign Service parents (or any parent out their who has moved a child out of the country): I need your advice.  How have you prepared your children for Foreign Service life?  How do you prepare them each time you change posts?  What has worked for you and what hasn’t? I would appreciate any andContinue reading “Soliciting Advice from Foreign Service Parents”