Hiking in the Clouds

Recently we experienced a rare stretch of sunny weather.  A neighbor invited us to take advantage of the sun by going on a hike in the mountains near our home.  We loaded up the mini-van and took off get a tan and enjoy the views.  Unfortunately, there was a cloud covering the peak all dayContinue reading “Hiking in the Clouds”

The Object of a Point and Laugh

Yes, today I was the object of a classic Point and Laugh. Our children attend the Taipei American School.  TAS is considered one of the most prestigious international schools in the world.  Ironically, over 90% of the 2000 or so students at TAS are Taiwanese.  The Taiwanese, like most Asians, place a heavy emphasis onContinue reading “The Object of a Point and Laugh”

Christmas, Sunday School and Pinching Myself

Our first major holiday in Taipei has come and gone.  We weren’t sure it would actually come, but grateful it did.  Our air shipment miraculously arrived on December 23rd, just in time to put up the tree, a few decorations and wrap the presents that Santa (using the magic that only Santa can use) addedContinue reading “Christmas, Sunday School and Pinching Myself”