Middle East Sabbath

Though today is Friday, it is the Sabbath in Jordan.  We follow the Muslim Sabbath, so today is our sabbath as well.  Today, I drove through a neighborhood in Amman where there were a bunch of cars parked along the street.  I wondered what all the hubbub was about, then quickly realized that I wasContinue reading “Middle East Sabbath”

Curse Word!: An Ode to Driving in Jordan

Jordan, I love you!  I love your landscapes, I love your food, I love your people!  But the one thing I don’t understand is how a country that could produce such lovely, friendly, hospitable people, could produce such … (what’s the most diplomatic word to use here?) … “creative” drivers and road infrastructure? Rather thanContinue reading “Curse Word!: An Ode to Driving in Jordan”