Promo Guy

For an American kid, living abroad has its pros and cons.  Some of the cons include:  never going to a high school football game, not having typical American dating prospects, having to represent “America” when a kid doesn’t necessarily feel like a typical “American.”   Ex-pat kids have these challenges, and many more. However, thereContinue reading “Promo Guy”

Feeling of Accomplishment

The worst part of living abroad, without question, is applying to international schools.  I hate it!  Hate it!  Hate it!  Hate it! Here are three things I would rather do than international school applications: 1.  Brush my teeth in hot water for a month. 2.  Sleep with kittens licking my face all night. 3.  TripContinue reading “Feeling of Accomplishment”

How to Do the Dead Sea On the Cheap

Cecily, our college daughter, came home to Jordan for Christmas.  She returns to the US this weekend and since she won’t return to Jordan before we leave here in June, she had a few things on her Bucket List to do before heading back to the Mother Land.  One of those things was to floatContinue reading “How to Do the Dead Sea On the Cheap”

Three Things I Did This Week

1.  Cooked and cooked and cooked some more; followed by gorging and giving thanks with these fine people: And these slightly smaller, yet equally fine people: 2.  Spent a couple of days pretending to be the Queen of Sheba at the Marriott Dead Sea Spa and Resort: With this hottie footing the bill: 3.  SpentContinue reading “Three Things I Did This Week”

Where in the World?

It’s official!  This morning, Jason received a handshake for our next post.  When we started the bidding process months ago, our possibilities looked like this: But slowly the possibilities shrunk down, and now we have a winner!  So, to review: We started here. Now we’re here. And next we’re headed here. Pretoria, South Africa.  TheContinue reading “Where in the World?”