5 thoughts on “Please Come Back

  1. Jason that was beautiful! I love your familysoo much and even though I don’t want them to go back I know that by your side is where they belong. Love ya Jason. Thanks for a good cry this morning:)

  2. I’m a 40 year old man and have to admit this made me shed a tear or two myself. I mean it’s just spectacularly done.

  3. I agree that this is beautiful. It’s been about a month. Did your family all come back? (In the midst of hundreds of photos of a gorgeous family having a cultural experience in a new land, I must admit one image stands out: A child tearing duct tape off of his hands with his teeth. LOL.)

    1. Yes Carolyn, they all made it back. We thought we might have to drug one of them to get him on the plane. But in the end he came willingly, although somewhat begrudgingly. And yes, the unfortunate plight of a younger brother includes being duct taped on a fairly regular basis by an older brother and his friends.

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