Lonely Beauty

I’ve been down on Taiwan lately. I know part of the melancholy comes from missing my wife and kids, but sometimes I find it hard to overlook the smelly food, dreary architecture and humidity.

However, on a few occasions I dragged my lonely self out of the house and was reminded what a great place this is.

One day I drove my car up into the mountains to a town called Shifen.  Guess what it’s famous for.

Shifen Waterfall

On another occasion I found a theme park way outside the major population centers.  I snooped around the perimeter to see if I could get a feel for the place.  I was startled to see this guy looking back at me.


A few days ago I went on a aimless hike near my house and was greatly rewarded.

YangMingShan Countryside

I also met some friendly locals.

Formosan Macaque

What a great place to be.

More YangMingShan Countryside

But I’m ready for my family to come back…

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