The ABC’s of Our Lives in Taiwan

A is for Asian Architecture

B is for Buddhist Temples.
C is for Child Modeling and Chopsticks.
D is for “Dude!  What the heck is that!?”  (And what would possess you to put it in your mouth?)
(Something stomach related)
(Something foot related)
(Something head related)
E is for Exhaustion.
F is for Flowers …
… And Frizzy Hair
G is for Great Friends
 H is for Hamming it up for the camera (as well as Hole in the knee).

I is for “I am never running a half marathon again!”
J is for Jumping for Joy.
(Some people are more joyful than others.)
K is for Kids who refuse to smile for the camera.
L is for Lantern Festival.
M is for Monster Ice.
(Mango is the best!)
N is for Nightmarkets and Nativity Pageant.
O is for Only in Asia do they have to signs like this in bathroom stalls.
P is for Pottery, Pets and Picking the Perfect Pants.
Q is for Queen of All Things (Some things never change).
R is for Really cute girls.
S is for Splits (You can either do them or you can’t).
T is for Taipei Taiwan Temple (We’re very blessed to have it).
U is for Umbrellas (A must-have in Taiwan).
V is for Views from right near our home on Yangmingshan Mountain.
W is for Waterfalls.
X is for Xtremely cute husband.
Y is for “Yes, that lady is carrying her dog in a baby carrier.”
Z is for Zero Regrets!

7 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Our Lives in Taiwan

  1. I don’t know you guys but you made me cry. I love how much you love your family and the creativity to express it.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I agree. Jason is the only one I know in your family, but it seems like I know all of you because of the personality you all express in your photos and stories.

  2. I love this ABC idea for including so many photos and telling so stories in a single blog post. I may have to steal your idea for my own blog. 🙂

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