An Experience I Will Cherish Forever

My father-in-law passed away yesterday.  He was 80 years old.  We think that he knew it was coming, because he and my mother-in-law had been talking about it in the preceding days.  He told her that when the time came, he wanted it to be just the two of them alone.  He didn’t want anyone else with them.  That’s just how it happened.  Just the two of them. Just what he wanted.  He passed quietly and sweetly.

I got the call about an hour and a half later.  I had been in Utah for five days by then, but Jason was still in Taipei.  So I made the four hour drive from Salt Lake City to Panguitch alone to be with my mother-in-law.

When I arrived at her home, I knocked on the door and the quietly walked in.  I found my mother-in-law lying on her bed, awake.  So I laid down next to her, in my father-in-law’s spot and the two of us talked for a long time.  She did most of the talking while I listened.  I shed most of the tears.  I’m a crier, she’s not.  We talked about the dignified way that he passed.  We talked about the way that Glen was friends with everyone, even the down-trodden and friendless.  We laughed as we reminisced.  My mother-in-law was holding up incredibly well for what she had just been through.  I’ll cherish that time I was able to spend with her; just the two of us, on the bed.

My father-in-law was a big, jolly, cowboy Santa Claus type man.  He could talk to anyone about anything and he had the ability to make anyone feel like they were instant buddies; like they had known each other all their lives.  He was a good man and he will be greatly missed.

So rest in peace Glen B. Hale.  Until we meet again.

12 thoughts on “An Experience I Will Cherish Forever

  1. Oh Erin, what a beautiful sharing of such a difficult time. Sounds like your father-in-law is the person we all should be like. Much love to you and Jason at this hard time.

  2. I’m so glad you had this time with your Mother-in-Law. Moments like this are rare. Please know that Greg and I are thinking of you and Jason. My Dad has been gone 7 years in July. I think of him every day.

  3. Just wanted you to know our thoughts are with you guys. Jason said he is leaving here tomorrow. So glad you can all be there together. Love ya!

  4. Sorry for your loss, be it 100 or 10, losing a loved one is difficult. Memories are a powerful healer and an amazing daily reminder of the love you all shared. As much as it was a moving moment for you to be with your mother-in-law, you should know it surely meant a lot to her as well 🙂 Sending condolences and good thoughts your way…

  5. We are sorry to hear this sad news, Erin. It was so good that you were there for your mother-in-law. That will be a precious time to remember. I’m glad Jason is able to come home. I know your time will be filled but we’d love it if you’d call and stop by.

  6. Hard to say good-bye to the patriarchs, but what a lovely departure for him. Thanks for sharing about that tender time you were able to spend with Jason’s mother. A comfort to her, you, and Jason since he wasn’t there. So glad you were in the States at this time.

  7. What a blessing that you were in Utah for your mother-in-law and you also. Those few life moments that we have leave prints on our hearts for a lifetime and are so cherished. Heartfelt sympathy for you and your family Erin.

  8. Our condolences to you and your family. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story of you and your mother-in-law. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care !

  9. You are a great daughter-in-law and friend. I am glad you were able to go spend some time there with your mother-in-law right after he passed. I’m sure you will always remember that. When my own dad passed away in California, I was just due to have Melanie here in Utah and wasn’t able to attend the funeral. I think I missed out on lots of the reminiscing and stories that surrounded that time. Can’t believe it has been 17 years now. I hope your family is able to enjoy some sweet memories of Jason’s dad in the coming days! love to all of you!

  10. How are you and Jason doing? I’m sorry to hear that. Is Jason coming soon? I’m in Eugene, OR let me know if you need anything. You are a great daughter-in-law. Love you…

  11. Dick and I were so sorry to read about Jason’s father. Sounds like he lived a wonderful life
    especially with his lovely wife. How Sweet. We think of you often.

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