What’s Right With America

What is right with America can be summed up in two words: Garbage Disposal.  The garbage disposal is the second greatest invention since the wheel. (The first, of course, is the iPad.  Thank you Steve Jobs!) And in my humble opinion, the garbage disposal has to be the most underrated invention of all time.

I cannot begin to fathom why other countries have not jumped onto the garbage disposal bandwagon.  I must admit that I don’t know for sure that other countries haven’t adopted its usage.  Outside of the U.S., I’ve only ever lived in Taiwan and Italy–and neither of those countries have incorporated the garbage disposal.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Canada uses the garbage disposal because my Canadian friend Carrie is the only person in Taiwan that I know that has one.  But honestly, in my home in Taipei, I would be willing to give up my microwave oven and my oven’s broiler function for a simple American garbage disposal.

The whole concept of the garbage disposal is so brilliant and also so true to the American spirit.  One simply throws all of one’s food refuse into the sink, grinds it up and washes it away into the sewer system.  I believe that the American Colonists did the same thing to the British Red Coats in 1776.

Since returning to the U.S. for the summer, every time I turn on my garbage disposal, I smile and resist the temptation to place my hand over my heart and sing “God Bless America.”

3 thoughts on “What’s Right With America

  1. I love it that I made it into your blog post. I feel so special; and since I may own the only garbage disposal in Taiwan, I feel doubly special. Before I go on, I should confirm that yes, Canadians everywhere are also regularly washing their biodegradable food items down the sink, but we call our marvelous machine a ‘garburator’ in the Great White North. Interesting timing on your post subject though – just yesterday we got a brand new (so quiet!) garburator installed (the old until seized up when someone tried to pulverize metal – go figure!). How did we get it? Ross brought it back in his suitcase from his recent trip to the U.S. – God bless America!

    1. Good Post…I lived in Taiwan for 10 years and will be returning from the USA very soon. I was thinking about things I should bring back with me. First was a garbage disposer. To Carrie and her hubby..was there any concern or difficulty attaching the disposer to the Taiwanese waste water system? Have you had any clogs or back ups? Please let me know at kellyjones71@yahoo.com

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