A Few Observations

1.  Fourteen year-old boys are an interesting breed.  They are on the brink of manhood, but are still very much little boys.  They like to think that they are very mature, but they continue to whack each other with whatever they can get their hands on–in much the same way they have been doing since they emerged from the womb.  My question:  Will this ever change?

2.  Utah summers aren’t as hot as people keep saying they are.  It’s all about perspective and this isn’t hot. Now Taipei in the summer–that’s hot!

3.  Life isn’t as fun when my husband is on the other side of the planet.

4.  A 16 year-old girl who thinks that her mother is going to let her drive 45 miles alone on the busy freeway 5 days after she gets her driver’s license is delusional.

5.  After a month away, I’m really missing Taipei.  I miss the smells, the colors, the lushness of the landscape and even the rain.  But mostly, I miss the people.  Jason called today to tell me that he had arrived safely and I found myself jealous of him.  I really love Taipei.

6.  I have some really great friends; both in Utah and in Taipei.

7. I have two really strong women in my life; my mom and my mother-in-law.  They are amazing women who inspire me and I’m so grateful the they are part of my life.

8.  I have really funny siblings–a quality I love in people.

9.  I need to work on patience.  Waiting to hear what our next post will be is driving me crazy.  Two days ago, I convinced myself we are going to Amman, Jordan;  yesterday it was Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and today I’m sure we’ll end up in Caracas, Venezuela.  I’m thinking that tomorrow may be a Moscow, Russia kind of day.

10.  I really love my life and wouldn’t trade places with anyone.

One thought on “A Few Observations

  1. I love your posts, Erin. We’ve enjoyed Taipei with you. I guess I can say, “Now we don’t have to go there.” If traveling hadn’t become so hard, I would want to go. We just returned from visiting our mission in Spain. We had a wonderful reunion with our friends for 4 hours and then had to return to the cruise ship.
    We love hearing about your travels, your family, your experiences. Robert and I serve at the Spanish Ward in PG now. Call and/or stop by for a visit if you can. We are still in the same place. I would like to learn how to create a blog like the one you send. Donna

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