10 Ways To Know If You Have Been Living In Asia Too Long

10.  The sight of cockroaches no longer grosses you out.


9. Your child chooses seaweed flavored potato chips over Cheetos or Doritos.


8.  Eating food in the shape of Hello Kitty no longer seems strange.


7.  Your car has never driven faster than 60 mph.

20060624 021042 DSC01906 DSC-T1

6.  All of your little girl’s drawings look like anime characters.


5.  You instinctively make the peace sign in all of your pictures.


4.  You become suspicious when your child only has 2 hours of homework on a weeknight.


3.  The smell of stinky tofu no longer turns your stomach.


2.  You have forgotten how to pump your own gas.


1.  Upon entering a 7Eleven, your child says,  “Mmmm, that smells so good!”


I wonder what funny quirks we’ll pick up in the Middle East.  Can’t wait to find out!

3 thoughts on “10 Ways To Know If You Have Been Living In Asia Too Long

  1. You know you have REALLY been in Asia too long when you don’t get why any of these are funny?!? You are right… 19 years REALLY is too long!

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