Thanksgiving in Jerusalem

For the Thanksgiving break we drove to Jerusalem. It is so close to our house in Amman and yet so far away. It took us about 3.5 hours just to cross the border with Israel. From our door to our place in Jerusalem it took just over 5 hours. We could make it in about 1 and 30 minutes if it wasn’t for all the border crossing fun.
For our Thanksgiving dinner we crammed around a small table in a restaurant in the old city. We ate hummus, falafel, flat bread and more. It was fantastic! I didn’t miss a turkey at all (mostly because we did a traditional Thanksgiving dinner the week before). Unfortunately I don’t have any video footage from the dinner and all my photos were blurry. Trust me, it was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Jerusalem

  1. Dear Brother and Sister Hale, † Thank you so much for the new post thanksgiving in Jerusalem trip vedo, it is really help me after i watch it the holy spirt go with me and I love it !! God bless you !! † Merry Christmas adn Happy New Year!! † In Christ Love, Grace Chan

  2. Thank you for sharing! What an amazing opportunity for your family. My “adopted” daughter, Rachel, did a semester at the BYU Jerusalem Center last year and I lived there vicariously through her blog/experiences! If you’d like to view amazing places she visited (and maybe you could too), go to

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