Cats and Karma

Meet Jerry:


Jerry belongs to Jason’s boss, also named Jerry.  Jerry the boss had to make an unexpected trip to the U.S. for a few weeks so we are cat-sitting Jerry the cat.  Jerry isn’t the cat’s real name.  Unfortunately, no one can remember the cat’s real name, so we started calling him “Jerry’s Cat” which quickly morphed into just “Jerry.”

Jason won’t let us have a cat of our own because he’s prejudiced.  He claims he has nothing against cats, but he hates cat people.  He says that the rest of us become obnoxious cat people when we’re around cats.  That makes him prejudice against cat people.

But here’s the great part of this whole scenario:  karma has a way of catching up to people with prejudices; and it recently caught up with Jason.  Later this week, Jason has to go to Germany for training.  His boss Jerry asked him to bring back a bunch of cat treats for cat Jerry, that are only available in Europe.  So now Jason has no choice but to search out cat treats in Europe because … Jerry is his boss!

Karma can be hilarious!

4 thoughts on “Cats and Karma

    1. Aw come on Anne! Garbage can cats deserve love too! It’s all I can do to not jump out of my car and grab one.

  1. I always love pet-sitting for FS friends. It gets me though my “I must have a pet” stages and avoids the epic-problems with traveling the world with 4-legged friends.

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