It is cold and gloomy in Amman.

View from  my kitchen window
View from my kitchen window

In the desert, when it rains, it pours.  95% of the time, we enjoy beautiful blue skies and sun in Jordan.  But for the past few days it has been rainy, cold and windy.  So windy that it turns my umbrella inside out.  So windy that when I open the gate to my carport, before I can back my car out, the wind has blown the gate shut again.  And when it rains in the desert, the dusty roads turn to mud.

But the gloomiest thing about Jordan right now, is that my husband is not here.

The weather forecast predicts that it will rain for two more days before it will slowly warm back up to the sunny Jordan that I love.  The forecast for my husband’s return predicts that we won’t see him for another two weeks and two days.


2 thoughts on “Gloomy

  1. Gloom is one of those great words that start to look hilarious if you look at it for too long. (is that REALLY the way to spell it???)
    Hope you are feeling better….

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