Girls Night In

Our men are gone.  One is at scout camp, one is in Dubai, one is in Germany.  So tonight is Girls Night In.  Just the girls, the cat, a big bowl of pasta con aglio ed olio, brownies and a some movies.  First movie was my choice:  “The Book Thief”.  Current movie is the 9 year-old’s choice: “The Wizard of Oz”.  Next movie will be the 17 year-old’s choice:  Some sappy Nicolas Sparks cry fest.


One thought on “Girls Night In

  1. love sharing your news. you continue to find the bright spot, and share the richness of your life with us. I know you dream of Italy, and so does Veta. Even the Great Obama, tried to up his ratings by visiting with the pope, not bowing like he did to the King of Arabia..

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