I begin this post by saying that there are two things in this world that I despise:  snakes and rats.  Really, that’s it–that’s all that I despise.  Just one step above despise, in the loathing category, I would have to put cigarettes, cigarette smoke, cigarette butts, cigarette packaging, ashtrays, cigarette induced emphysema and lung cancer–pretty much all things cigarette related.  But that’s pretty much the only thing I loathe–cigarettes.

Back to things I despise:  Friday night I was alone in the house (hallelujah!) while Jason and the boys were at a rugby match and the girl was at her friend’s house.  I was enjoying a Project Runway marathon in the family room, when I looked out the sliding glass window and saw, not a snake, not a cigarette, not a snake smoking a cigarette, but a giant rat against the brick wall which surrounds our house.  A mere 30 feet from the open sliding glass door.


My pulse increased, I broke out in a sweat and my brain went into survival mode.  I could think of only one thing to do–and though it may be a bit unconventional and eccentric, it’s the only thing I could think to do.

I ran to the freezer, grabbed a giant handful of ice cubes, ran back to the opened sliding glass door, and while heaving ice cubes one at a time at the rat, I yelled, “DA** YOU TO HE**!!!” (minus the asterisks.)

After I had thrown all the ice cubes in my hands, I ran back to the freezer, grabbed another handful of ice cubes and did the same thing again.

And then I did it a third time.

It turns out that I have really bad aim, because, though I made about 25 attempts, I didn’t hit that rat a single time.

Not sure what the neighbors now think of us.

2 thoughts on “Rats!!!

  1. Erin-Where’s the rest of the story? What happened to the rat? Did you eventually call an exterminator? Did you have Jason go find it and kill it? Did you close the door like Carol asked? What happened?

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