Happy Birthday to the Low Maintenance One

This is Noah.  He turned 16 today.


Noah’s entrance into this world was accompanied by the screams of his mother.  He was born 50 minutes after his mother’s first contraction and 15 minutes after she arrived at the hospital.  No time for the epidural.

It was not my greatest moment.

Noah didn’t see any need for painkillers then and he has been just that low maintenance ever since.

His 16th birthday has been as low maintenance as he is.  Though we offered to take him out for steak and ribs, all he wanted was homemade chocolate cake:


A whole cheese pizza to himself and the Apple TV remote:


Clearly, we obliged.

It doesn’t take much to make Noah happy.  A piece of cake, a pizza and a remote.  The girl he eventually marries is going to have it pretty easy.

So Happy Birthday to my Noah; who, besides being low maintenance, is funny, kind, obedient, giving, easy going and keeps a spotlessly clean bedroom.

That last one is a lie.  He’s a absolute slob.  And, as a result, the birthing screams were not the only time he’s heard his mother raise her voice.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Low Maintenance One

  1. Are those the KLM alcohol filled Amsterdam houses by that cake? Do they still have them on the plane? My parents used to have the entire set when my dad travelled there a lot and it was such fun to see the new one!

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