Yesterday I had my hair done.  My roots were really, really bad.  To the point of humiliation.  So I went to George Pais Hair Salon and had my trusty hairdresser Susan hook me up with some dye.  Susan has an assistant, I’m not sure of her name;  I’ll just call her Melon.  (Don’t laugh, I’veContinue reading “FIRE!!!!!”

Trail Mix M&M Thief Revealed!

Six days ago, I wrote the follow as my Facebook status: “Who’s been eating all of the M&M’s out of the trail mix!  Seriously!  Fess up!”  Well, tonight the trail mix M&M thief was revealed. Noah, Elizabeth, our friend Reid and I had settled down to a viewing of the movie “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,”Continue reading “Trail Mix M&M Thief Revealed!”