An Open Letter to the Makers of the Mitsubishi TC-CE5J Clean & Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Dear Sirs and/or Madams: Your Mitsubishi TC-CE5J Clean & Compact vacuum cleaner does not suck.  Now before you commence a round of high fives, be aware that a vacuum cleaner that does not suck is actually a bad thing.  Your vacuum came to us as standard issue to U.S. State Department homes in Taipei, Taiwan.Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Makers of the Mitsubishi TC-CE5J Clean & Compact Vacuum Cleaner”

A Cultural Experience

If by the title of this post you are expecting me to have written about something “cultured”  as in high-brow or sophisticated, you probably want to stop reading now.  There will be nothing high-brow or sophisticated in this post.  Instead, my family and I (more specifically my daughters and I) had a cultural experience todayContinue reading “A Cultural Experience”

Learning to Let Go

Disclaimer:  Any of you blog readers out there in the Blog Stratosphere who are not Mormon will probably not understand this blog post.  However, you Mormon women, especially you Utah Mormon women, will understand exactly what I’m talking about here. This time of year, all over the world, LDS women are celebrating the anniversary ofContinue reading “Learning to Let Go”

Pie in the Afternoon

Yesterday, my six-year-old daughter had a playdate with a girl from school.  These two girls’ friendship is based solely on the fact that they are both named Elizabeth; which, when you are in 1st grade makes you instant soul-mates, kindred spirits and best friends.  Whereas my Elizabeth only uses her full name at school andContinue reading “Pie in the Afternoon”