You are never too old to come to Jordan

In December my mother-in-law came to live with us for about 2 months.  For some people this may invoke the desire to move to Syria, civil war and all, but not me.  Luckily, I have a great mother-in-law. She didn’t want to do much sightseeing while she was in Jordan, but we did manage toContinue reading “You are never too old to come to Jordan”

Week Without Walls Ethiopia: by Cecily

Week without Walls is a new program at my school.  Basically the whole high school shuts down for a week and everyone leaves to go on trips.  There were lots of options for trips.  I could have gone to Paris, Switzerland, Nepal, Amsterdam, Ethiopia or stayed in Jordan.  I chose Ethiopia.  My trip was theContinue reading “Week Without Walls Ethiopia: by Cecily”

The Best Tour Guide in Jerusalem

I don’t usually do advertisements on my blog; but occasionally someone comes along who deserves a shout-out.  If you ever find yourself in need of a fabulous tour guide in Jerusalem, then Dvir Hollander is your guy.   We’ve used Dvir twice and we now consider him our dear friend.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable about Jerusalem.Continue reading “The Best Tour Guide in Jerusalem”

Weather Apocalypse–Day 6

We’re still snowed-in; depending on your definition of “snowed-in.”  If “snowed-in” means no school, then yep, we’re still snowed-in.  Today will be the fourth day of no school.  School was cancelled Thursday, (remember our weekend is Friday and Saturday), Sunday, Monday and again today, Tuesday.  All high school finals are postponed until January, after theContinue reading “Weather Apocalypse–Day 6”