Election Day Abroad

Today is Election Day in America.  Americans are just waking up on this important day; while, for many of us in various countries around the world, this day is half way over. Most American expats have already voted.  Pretty much the only way we can vote is by absentee ballot.  We represent a small voterContinue reading “Election Day Abroad”

A True Story; Not a Horse Tale

This really did happen to me today.  I didn’t make it up; my mind is not this creative. Today I went to a pharmacy in Pretoria.  It was a pharmacy called DisChem which is similar to a Walgreens in the U.S.  It’s basically a big store with lots of products that just happens to haveContinue reading “A True Story; Not a Horse Tale”

Turning 18 and Taking Flight

Tomorrow, this little puppy turns 18. We’ll do all the normal birthday things. We’ll have a big birthday meal … Sing Happy Birthday … Eat some cake … But then, as the sun is setting on his 18th birthday, he’ll board an airplane to Germany. He’ll arrive at Ramstein Air Base Monday morning, where he’llContinue reading “Turning 18 and Taking Flight”