A Bit of a Problem and Garbage

I have a small problem.  It really is small, so small that I probably shouldn’t air it here.  Yet, here I am.   I recently bought a new phone.  Actually, three phones with one base.  I bought the three phones with one base at Costco.  The box showed a beautiful set of phones in aContinue reading “A Bit of a Problem and Garbage”

The Massage That Will Go Down in Infamy

We’re back in Taiwan after eight weeks in the U.S.  (Can you sense the smile on my face as I type?)  Actually, we’ve been back for about two weeks now and I’ve been smiling pretty much the whole time.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love living abroad and the interesting cultural experience thatContinue reading “The Massage That Will Go Down in Infamy”

This One’s For You Taiwan

  I was saddened and disappointed that the Olympic athletes from Taiwan were not allowed to carry their nation’s flag into the Olympic Stadium in the London Opening Ceremonies this evening.  After decades of this kind of treatment, I’m sure that the lovely people of Taiwan are used to this, but I’m not. The OlympicContinue reading “This One’s For You Taiwan”