Elections and Amniotic Fluid

  So, the election is over, and my guy didn’t win.  As a result, I was a bit pouty.  But then I remembered this election story from my family’s past and it perked me right back up again. In 1961, (long before I was born) my very pregnant mother woke up on election day andContinue reading “Elections and Amniotic Fluid”

A Rather Pathetic Conversation

This weekend, Noah (age 12) and I found ourselves walking through a night market, just the two of us.  I just have to quickly say that some of the nastiest food known to mankind as well as the most horrific smells can be found at Chinese night markets.  Nevertheless, I LOVE walking through them.  ButContinue reading “A Rather Pathetic Conversation”

Thieving Children and the Taxi Driver

Have I ever mentioned that I have four thieving children?  They pretty much rob me blind.  This, despite the fact that I have tried my darndest to terrify them into law-abiding citizens with every prison scare tactic I could invent. When they were toddlers I would tell them that if they climbed out of theirContinue reading “Thieving Children and the Taxi Driver”