Our Next Home!

We just received official word of where we are going next and we are thrilled! Before we reveal our next post, let’s review where we have been:

Taipei, Taiwan 2010-2013


Amman, Jordan 2013-2015


Pretoria, South Africa 2015-2018
Istanbul, Turkey 2018-2020


And now, we are excited to announce that our next home will be:

Bern, Switzerland 2020-2023

Bern: the capitol of Switzerland!!! Famous for bears, Alps, Toblerone, fondue, and as the one-time home of Albert Einstein. And because Ellie doesn’t get to do enough fun stuff already, her international school in Bern enjoys Friday Ski Days! (It’s about time this Utah kid finally learns to ski.)

We recommend you all start saving your pennies to come visit us, pronto!

Tomorrow Is the Day! Care to Guess Where We’re Going Next?

It’s hard to believe that it’s already bidding time. Actually, bidding has been going on for months but tomorrow the State Department will finalize the latest round. So, care to guess where we’re going next?

Here are a few clues:

  1. Small
  2. Cold
  3. Bears

I know, it sounds like Salt Lake City. But if that were your guess, you would be wrong!

Stay tuned! We’ll let you know tomorrow when we get the official word.

Youngest Child

Here is a sure sign of a parent at the tale-end of raising her last child:

Today is Picture Day at Ellie’s school. Last night we had this conversation:

Ellie: What should I wear for school pictures?

Me: I don’t care. Wear whatever you want.

Ellie leaves the room and comes back 20 seconds later holding two shirts on hangers.

Ellie: Which of these shirts should I wear?

Me: I don’t care. Wear either one.

Ellie: Just tell me which one to wear!

Me: OK, the one on the left.

Ellie: But I wore that one last year.

Me: Then wear the one on the right.

Ellie: Are you sure?

Me: Yes!!!

Ellie: Will it make the blue in my eyes pop?

Me: Yes. The blue in your eyes will pop right out of your head.

Ellie: Mom, I’m serious! What color shirt will make the color of my eyes pop the most?

Me: Just don’t wear red. You don’t want the bloodshot color of your eyes to pop.

Ellie: MOM!!!

Ellie again: What pants should I wear?

Me: I don’t care!!! Besides, no one is going to see your pants in the picture.

Ellie: MOM!!!

Ellie again: Should I wear my hair curly or straight?

Me: I don’t care.

Ellie: Just tell me!!!

Me: OK, straight.

Ellie: OK, I’ll wear it curly.

Me: Fine. I don’t care.

When she left this morning for Picture Day, I think her hair was curly, but I have no idea what shirt she wore.

When my oldest daughter was in school, I would to start thinking about what she would wear for Picture Day when we did her school clothes shopping in August. I would sometimes go shopping just to find the right shirt for Picture Day. But I’ve raised four kids and I really don’t care anymore. I have been through too many school picture days.

Before you start feeling terribly sorry for poor Ellie, I was also the youngest in my family and my mom didn’t care what I wore for school pictures either. And somehow I still graduated from high school AND college AND I have never spent a single day incarcerated.

So it all somehow works out, even for the youngest child.